lies about their Yahoo rating

How dishonest is this? tries to convince innocent buyers that they have third-party reviews per Yahoo. We all know Yahoo, right? So we should trust, right?

Wrong! Even though brags about a Yahoo rating on their site, every page they claim to have a top Yahoo rating, they have NO YAHOO RATING! It is a total lie!

If you don’t believe me, check this!;_ylt=AmW.y8XtQkM2bN4ZsLG8CaVDmmYB;_ylu=X3oDMTBscWNjbnU1BF9zAzIzNTAxMzc5BHNlYwNzdG9yZQ–?mid=10394800

They HAD a rating nearly three years ago. Thad had less than 20 comments about their products, and nearly half the comments were from customers not completely satisfied. Now you know why does not link to this Yahoo rating that they claim to have. The can’t because there is nothing to link to. They lied!


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